Friday, July 12, 2013


I woke early this morning.  Could not get back to sleep. Even though this room is the hottest in summer and coldest in the winter It usually has a pretty sunset and there is a window I can open and look out.  This morning I was happy to see the air come on.  Since Monday we have it set on 70.  One problem, Joe can not walk by it without turning it so it is warmer.  So we have a marathon running, around one uping each other.  I was a lot concerned about him last night or I should say when he got home from the store.  He had run out of one of his heart pills and went without  for 2 days.  For some reason they would not fax back to our script place.  Finally Joe talked to the nurse at the heart clinic and got it straight.  I have never seen him so totally worn out.    After he sat down for a while and took one of his pills and drank a glass of cold water, he looked better.  I think it was the missing pills.  He may be stubborn and hard to live with at times, I do not want to go through what we have and let him off the hook.Wlpsml3HoDN1xmCnk9 oC366-6 -GhwL0060 I did get over to Earl May and got some blossom set. I put some on my topsy turvy .  A BIGGER BUSH Of THE NORMAL ROUND ONES, medium size, but I don’t think the large tomato bush is going to do much.  I have no idea what happened, to it.The Topsy turvey one has what is probably, Cherry tomatoes.  I can eat them if they just get enough to do what I have to do. It is supposed to be hot and dry the rest of the week.


Paula said...

We have that contest over the a/c controls too. Glad Joe got his pills and hope he feels better. We talk about but we care, don't we Lucy?

jack69 said...

you each neeed a remote thermostat control!!!!

Hope you have a BIG crop of tomatoes. I would love to have a good FRESH tomato.

((HUGS)) from Vegas, I'm gonna be RICH!!!


Glad Joe got his meds. Those topsy turvy tomato plants are really neat.

shirl72 said...

Lucy Jack is so funny he is in LV and said he might play $5.00 on
the machines and he says he is going to be rich. "Ain't that a Joke"
I know you care for Joe and Spunky they are your life. So glad
he got his pills. If you were in NC I would talk care of you both and Spunky.

Take care of yourself and let me know about your blood work. Joe and Spunky depend on you..especially Spunky that precious boy.

Forty Pound Sack said...

We don't wrestle over the thermostat, but I do keep fans running along with the AC or I get too warm. Hope Joe is feeling better today ~

slj said...

So glad Joe got his meds....Hopefully he is feeling better:)
Home grown tomatoes are the best..I hope you get many of them...
Have a great day,

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